Window Jamb & Casing RFQ

REQUEST A QUOTE FORM: Window Jamb & Casing Installation Systems

For a multiple unit quote, you must upload a file with width x height measurements for me to reference. There is a section below to upload your file – the file must be a PDF or Spreadsheet formatted document (PDF, Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).

Quotes will be based on the information you provide. Information left out could effect cost. There will be an area at the end of this document that will allow you to provide any further information you think may or may not effect cost.

Please allow for 1-2 days to receive your quote.

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    Document must be a PDF or Spreadsheet file. Upload window manufacturer specifications/measurements here and continue answering the following questions. Measurements should be outside of Jamb Box measurements or your windows frame size from tip to tip. Acceptable file types: .pdf, xls, xlsx. Maximum file size: 3MB.

    (Select "Poplar" for #4 White or other Paint Finish, if other, complete the other field below)

    (Enter approximate Jamb Depth measurement below)

    (If Stool Accessory is yes, refer to image & specify dimensions "A" & "B" below)

    Reference this image for the following two questions: