Window Trim Kits from WDI Co. LP

Visit our NEW WEB SITE.  Actually it’s not new, but we now have a complete website to better represent the Window Trim Kits, how they can help you be more productive and how to order them.

WDI offers Pre-Assembled and Pre-Finished Window Trim Kits for new construction or replacement Window Trim Kits for remodels and upgrades.

Our beautiful windows are factory finished in a 3 step process for super consistent color (we have 20 stock colors, plus we can custom match any color) with a full frame, allowing for super fast installation at the job site. Contractors can easily install 15-20 windows in a day. And each window is custom labeled for quick room location.

Window companies and installers choose WDI because we are well known for adding custom wood jambs, casings and stops to their replacement windows to create a beautiful pre-assembled full frame unit.
Check out our short video to see our quick installation of custom and stock replacement windows, featuring full frame window trim inserts:

Whether for a single residence or a series of commercial buildings, our quality woodwork will enhance the beauty of the building and increase it’s value for years to come. View our photo gallery at right to see examples of our high quality craftsmanship – just click on one image to start the slideshow!

If you know exactly what you want, give us the specs on our Request for Quote form. If you just have the beginning of an idea, we can help you complete the idea and design the window solutions which will fulfill your vision.

WDI also offers a complete line of custom wood building products. For more information, click here to visit to our complete website or use the menu at the top to view all of WDI’s products and capabilities.